I am a software engineer and love working on challenges that are meaningful to me. I love programming, reading, traveling and exploring. All of these activities are accompanied by music almost always; That is, rock and heavy metal for the most part.

I am a big enthusiast of Open source softwares and have been connected with FLOSS for personal use wherever possible since the day I came across Ubuntu back in 2012. Not just a user, I also have contributed to OSS by logging a bug for enlightenment[Fixed], PR contribution to the Gnome project, and successfully porting the Hybris(Sailfish OS) for YU5510 android device.

Besides all that, I've also caught up interst in web and have been lately exploring Tailwind CSS for the UI for my latest project - Tenor Cards.


Tenor Cards

[ website | source ]

Tenor cards

+ Serverless WebApp for producing beautiful cards to share short messages.
+ Built with pure HTML5, CSS, JS and Tailwind CSS.


[ website | source ]


+ Blog-cum-newsletter with hats from all possible domains.
+ Blog is built with Jekyll static site generator
+ The newsletter is sent using a inhouse built email platform usign .NET core.

Sailfish OS


+ Non-Android OS port for an Android device
+ Worked on device specific kernel config adaptations and tweaks

Banking Management System

+ Android and console based Accounting applications with Firebase storage
+ Developed in 12 hours time constraint as a part of Odessa Hackathon 2.0
Technologies: Python 3, Firebase

Agricultural geographic information system project

+ Worked with a team of 6 in a proprietary A-GIS project for Hughes Systique co.
+ Created bespoke scrapers for multiple websites
Technologies: Python, Beautiful Soup 4.0

[ source ]

Image stitching software

+ Console based panorama generator using OpenCV
+ Developed in 48 hours time constraint as a Part of TiE hackathon 2017
+ Technologies used: C++, OpenCV

[ source ]

File I/O enhancement library for C

Enhancement library (header) for basic essential file read/write operations.
Technology: C

Work Experience

Engineer | Digital Guardian Pvt. Ltd.

March 2021 - Present

- Developed a threadsafe performance profiler for runtime performance monitoring with minimal overhead.
- Developed a JS based UI summary viewer for the profiler's raw data.

Software Engineer | MAQ Software Pvt. Ltd.

April 2019 - March 2021

- Refine backend of AngularJs based webapp with microservice architecture.
- Azure native cloud backend infrastructure
- Create and improve CI/CD pipelines for seamless deployments of Webapp and NuGet packages
- Develop Azure cloud webjobs to automate marketing cloud campaigns.

Software Development Intern | Odessa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

August 2018 - December 2018

- Improved the Odessa Build Platform
- Profiling for performance optimizationss Lease Wave

Education and qualifications

Certifications and awards

Having formed teams to win off the best team award during a hackathon or absorbing data structures and algorithms to get certified by Codechef, Over the past few years I have been collecting praises and certifications:

Time Achievement Organization
October 2019 MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development Certification Microsoft
July 2018 Codechef certified Data Structures and Algorithms Programme Codechef
May 2018 Best team award - Odessa Hackathon 2.0 Odessa Technologies
November 2017 Leadership award - TiE Hackathon The Indus Entrpreneur
August - September 2017 Parallel programming in OpenMP Certification NPTEL
June - July 2016 Embedded systems in C Training Ducat

Education and qualifications

I hold a bachelors degree with Computer Science major as my highest qualification so far. I have studied the computer science essestials and have scored well in most of the courses including Operating Systems, Computer Organization, Formal Languages and Automata, Computer Networks, Storage systems, etc. The high schooling is done over the K12 system.

Education University/Board Institute Year GPA/%
Bachelors of Technology - Computer Science and Engineering Lovely Professional University School Of Computer Science and Engineering 2019 8.69
XII Central Board of Secondary Education St. Anselms School 2015 80.02 %
X Central Board of Secondary Education St. Anselms School 2013 7.6

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